Who we are

Maglificio Pisani has had a longlife which started in Cilavegna in 1973 with Carlo Pisani, the founder. After working in a knitwear factory near Pavia as a teenager, Carlo decided to open his own company in the spaces once used as a stable by his father, who was a farmer. Overtime, a solid company grew in and around, which is able to remaincutting edgeand moder. Today it produces garments for several Italian and international fashion brands.

In 1997 Carlo Alberto's son, joined the factory, after graduating as a textile manager like his father. At this time started a process of replacing machinery with fully fashion Shima Seiki machinery, the undisputed world leader in the design and production of knitting machines.

In 2003 were open new departments: sewing, fulling and ironing in order to produce samples and complete garments . In spring 2015, thanks to important collaborations with brands that demand the real Made in Italy , due to this we were able to wide the opportunities for weaving and those intended for the stage of trim, washing and ironing.

Today we have about 70.000 pcs production per year which, are followed from design to delivery and distribution in different retail shop.

Experience, costumere care, know how and the use of certified raw materials guarantee the high quality of every product produced in the factory based in Cilavegna.

"Technology has been fundamental, but the values that mostof all helped us to able to persavere even in crisis times have been the request for quality and punctuality. Customers continued to choose us when the market was at the mercy of low-cost producers because they always got delivery on time and a high level of quality due to our constant attention to detail. A great brand can not afford defects, so we do not risk loosing quality results to save money." Carlo Pisani


We aim to be partners with the best brands in the fashion industry and to achieve, with them, the best knitwear collections, using high quality raw materials and craftsmen rituals enhanced by the use of new technologies.


Our values

Attention to detail
Each step of the production chain provides quality controlled by skilled workers.

Innovation technology
Design and yarn research. We support our clients step by step toward their final fullfilment.