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In the company store, adjacent to the production spaces, every autumn there are new proposals for winter: knitwear characterized by a sober and elegant style, made with natural and certified raw materials such as cashmere and fine wools, for satisfy a wide clientele for men and women.

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Our production

Quality raw materials


Merino is an entirely natural fibre. The wool, which is obtained from the fleece of some animals such as the Merino breed sheep (but also goats, camels and some llama races) was the first textile fiber used in the history of mankind. It has so many qualities: a natural elasticity that allows the garments made to support the body movements and then return to the original shape (merino woolen garments don’t need to be ironed!), A strong breathable and absorbent ability, reaction to body temperature, thus allows to wear wool to create an ideal microclimate.


The most luxury fiber obtained from the Hircus goat's horn originally grow in the areas of Central Asia. Breeders of this breed take this part of the mantle during spring by means of a delicate combing procedure, totally harmless to animals. This process still takes place with the same ancient techniques that make cashmere really precious.


Fiber renowned for its lightness and thermal properties is obtained from the fleece of the homonymous camelide bred at an altitude of between 3500 and 5000 meters on the Andes of southern Peru, northern Bolivia and northern Chile.
Lanolinless, does not smell and does not cause allergic reactions.
Alpaca woolen garments are universally appreciated for their lightness, softness, and great insulating capabilities.